The new wireless case for AirPods could arrive in December this year

ipod case

In the keynote held earlier this week, Apple introduced us by surprise a new AirPods. Well, rather a new  AirPods case.

Not many details were given but what is clear is that it works by induction load and has LED indicator on the outside. The AirPods, however, appear to be unchanged, although many would love to see them with the W2 chip inside.

According to Apple, this new version would arrive early next year, although as the first rumors indicate, could arrive in December this year at a price of $69.

Apple currently does not sell the current case separately, but we do miss replacing it costs $69.

The truth is that the strategy of selling the case separately with the novelty of being wireless does not please much. It may not be enough advantage to pay $69 (easily 80 euros to change) just to be able to load the case by induction charge.

What would we do with the previous one? In this sense what makes up for it is to buy the AirPods directly with this case so if you were thinking about buying them it might be a good idea to wait for a little.

With the new case, we can load our AirPods at the same time as the Apple Watch or the iPhone in the new AirPower charger.

It does not mean that they only work with this charger since we can use any loader by induction charge that complies with the Qi standard. My bet? New AirPods with W2 and this case for spring of 2018.