The iPad Pro compatible with a mouse takes strength, a new concept shows us what it would be like to use it

ipad pro magic mouse

The rumors suggest that finally in iOS 13 we will see the mouse compatibility for the iPad. In principle, it would be an accessibility function for people with reduced mobility, although anyone could use it. Little has been needed to get the first concepts of what would be iOS 13 on an iPad Pro with a Magic Mouse.

The designer Guilherme Martins has published in Behance an interesting concept where we see the current iPad Pro with a Magic Mouse. From the pairing process to the different exclusive functions that a mouse could bring to the iPad.

MacOS functions in iOS

The concept shows us in the first place how the mouse is paired to the iPad, it would do it with a floating window like the one of Share password of the current iOS for example. From there, we see how apps now go from full screen to a kind of single window with dock, control center, and status bar. It’s interesting, although a lot of space is wasted.

It also hosts different ideas that already exist in macOS, for example, move with two fingers to pass between apps. Or use the corners to open and move between apps or specific actions.

Finally, Guilherme Martins also teaches us a somewhat modified control center to adapt to the mouse pointer. And since it cannot be lacking in any concept, we have a dark way. The icons of the apps in the dock or the app itself Files are also different in this concept.

// Behance