Tips yes, but also for me: Apple will allow its collection from iOS 11 with commission of 30%

A few weeks before the WWDC17 Keynote, Apple asked developers from different Chinese apps to deactivate their own tipping systems.

Through these systems, some popular apps earned some extra money without going through the Apple system and iTunes. Now, this move makes more sense, as Apple has introduced its own system whereby developers can request tips from users as if it were an in-app purchase.

Why has Apple done this? Because like all other transactions on the App Store, tips are subject to a 30% commission for Apple.

So if you thought to donate X amount to a developer for his enormous effort, keep in mind that Apple will stay 30%.

According to Apple’s style guide, here’s what we found:

Apps can use in-app purchases to allow customers to tip retailers in the app. Apps can not include buttons, external links, or other calls to action that directly prompt customers to make purchases other than in-app purchases.

Developers are free to ask what they want as a tip. That is, there are no limits or fixed prices as for apps for example. The only rule: Apple stays 30%.

The tips system is very popular in countries like China for example. Until now payments were made through PayPal or directly with a credit card.

Now everything will be easier for the user as they are familiar with in-app purchases. A good move from which Apple will pull out the slice to gain even more with the App Store.