Where two fit, there are three: there are indications of a triple camera on the next iPhone

Today we have returned to see how analysts bet again for those three iPhone that we will see in the fall, two with OLED screens and one with LCD screen that will lower the production price.

There are no new details in that prediction, but an interesting detail in this Daily Economic News article.

According to the Chinese media, the 2019 generation of the iPhone could bring a system of three lenses for its camera.

The reason is to improve the quality of the image by adding some extra, combining the result of taking a snapshot of the three lenses. It’s nothing strange: the Huawei P20 Pro already has a triple camera.

Giving more leaps in the quality of mobile photography

So far, the second camera of the iPhone has provided iOS with the possibility of an extra zoom to take better pictures.

A third lens could play with more megapixels, more contrast, more color modes, improve HDR or night photos… there are several possibilities, and Apple will choose the one that it considers to make it stand out against the rivals.

Finally, the media also says that further improvements in the future for the camera could include a 3x zoom lens with higher quality.

In the short term, in a few months, we should continue to expect the same system of cameras that we have in the iPhone X.