WhatsApp for iOS updates with iOS 11 interface, specific chats searches, and other enhancements


WhatsApp is one of the applications in which we possibly spend more time throughout the day, for that very reason, when it is updated it is interesting to see what the new features it brings.

A few hours ago version 2.17.60 was released, a version that brings us an interface better adapted to the style guide of iOS 11, searches on separate chats and improvements when it comes to publishing states.

To update the application you must go to the App Store in the Updates tab, this is where you will find the update as available. If it does not appear for the moment you have two options: wait for it to arrive, as it is being deployed gradually, or delete and reinstall the app, but before it makes a backup of your chats.

What’s new in WhatsApp for iOS 11 on the iPhone

There are three new features that bring this new update, although they seem few, are important:

  • Interface enhancements: iOS 11 introduced titles with large weight and size typography, in addition to the search bar that appears when you slide down the list of items. Now it’s WhatsApp who adds this style of interface to their chat list. The title Chats appears income and the search bar is under this title, appears when we slide down.
  • Searches in specific chats: Until now when we were looking for the results that appeared were all the conversations. Now we can enter a specific chat, click on the name of the chat and later on Search chat. This way the search is restricted to that conversation.
  • The text states: Finally, WhatsApp has added text states without images. This means that we can publish states with only text, a color background, and a text style. To do this in the status section we have to press the button of the pencil and not one of the cameras.

With this update, WhatsApp is looking to adapt to iOS 11 changes. His philosophy has always been to adopt the iOS interface to be as similar as possible to the Phone and Messaging apps.

Another clear example of this we see in the icon, that always adapts the same green tone that the one of Messages and phone of Apple.