The best 10 Android applications for travel

If you have an Android phone and the need for the journey button becomes increasingly higher, it would be bad to do with profit. Here are the 10 best applications (free) from Android Market, perfect for downloading to your phone before departure.

1. Trip it

The 10 best Android applications for travel trip it for those who use online services for organizing the itinerary for those who want Zithromax permanent information about flights, hotels, and even local weather addresses.

2. Google Maps

An application that meets smartphones, including the iPhone, and has become indispensable. Set it to get current location, then use it to get to the address where you must go. If you Google Maps almost do not need a GPS.

3. GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide connects people with more than 23,100 things to do all over the world so they discover more and research less. On, travelers can find everything from historic walking tours to skip-the-line Eiffel tower passes, tickets to sporting events and shows, and even entries to museums and attractions.

4. GeoQuiz

Train or plane, if the road gets boring, it will GeoQuiz shorter hours. E-quiz app a lot to learn from you, including the following countries and places to visit.

5. Wikitude

It gives you the opportunity to see the world through your phone’s camera. Wikitude is a travel guide of “augmented reality”, using Wikipedia and other content generated by users through the camera, giving you information about the environment you’re in.

6. Hotels Near Me

Use GPS in your Android phone to see A database that includes over 60,000 hotels worldwide. Then they list them in the vicinity of where you are. Each hotel has a rating, address, telephone and reviews made by tourists who have visited there.

7. Layar Reality Browser

The 10 best Android applications for similar Wikitude travel layer, in fact, another kind augmented reality application that displays information about the images you “see” your phone’s camera. You can add various “layers” image, and information from Twitter, Wikipedia, Yelp, etc.

8. Where

The 10 best Android applications for travel whereO application as a Swiss army knife of GPS applications. Using your location, Where gives you real-time information about gas stations, weather predictions, movies running nearby, recommended restaurants, traffic conditions, and local news. Also, through the application, you have access to Yellow Pages and Yelp. It’s like a small travel guide bearer. Absolutely essential.

9. Star translate

Do not speak French? No problem. Star help translate. This app works both as a translator and a dictionary, based on Google Translate. I mean you could do in over 50 languages. Star translate is including an icon which once clicked will read the text. Very cool.

10. Waze

Information from other participants in traffic accidents on the road route or other events. If you’re driving, help you avoid heavy traffic areas or those in which they work.