Chrome will mark all HTTP pages as “unsafe” as of July

Chrome will mark all HTTP pages as "unsafe" as of July

A few days ago, Google revealed that each month they broadcast 260 million ads about malware on web pages.
The company has been corralling the unencrypted sites for some time, and now they warn in the Chromium blog that very soon all the HTTP pages will be labeled as non-secure.

It will be with the arrival of Chrome 68, in the month of July. Google currently already penalizes in its search results pages that do not use HTTPS, and from Chrome 56 are marked as non-secure HTTP pages in which you have to enter private data (passwords, bank cards, etc.).

An extra warning will appear

In recent years the battle against unencrypted sites has become acuter, and browsers make it very clear when a website is HTTP or HTTPS. Currently, an icon is displayed, but from version 68 the browser will alert users with a notification in the address bar.

Chrome will mark all HTTP pages as "unsafe" as of July

As you can see in the image above, next to the icon that currently appears, we will see a message that clearly indicates that we are facing a “not secure” page.

The company declares that this decision comes after the good adoption of the HTTPS protocol. Precisely, a few days ago they revealed that most of the pages that are in the Top 100 are encrypted.

More than 68% of Chrome traffic on Android and Windows is protected, while on MacOS and Chrome OS it reaches 78%.

As we see, Google wants to push the pages that have not yet made the leap to HTTPS to do so before July. Good news for all of us who use the Internet.