How to create a stunning Travel Journal

Blogging your travel experiences to relate the WOW factor

So, you have just visited an amazing place and you want to share your experience with the world. But you do not want to write a review, as there are a ton of sites that people can visit to find the best hotels, restaurants, and events. No, you want to capture the experience in a journal form showcasing what made your experience unique. Here are a few ways in which you can create a stunning travel journal.

Get a theme for your blogger or WordPress site.

If you want to have something stunning for your journal, then you need to start with a stunning layout. Personally, for a journal I would choose something that looks like paper.Vintage or notebook paper is up to you, but you should try to get away from the white background with plain black font. Give the site a bit of depth. Those that have the time may want to consider a 3D background of their location. Just ensure that whatever background image you choose does not take away from the content that you are adding. Remember, it is your journal and your experience that you want to get across.

Add 3D models of icons to the site

Coupled with the paper, you can add a 3d model to highlight the spot that you are visiting. Think of the 3d Model as a modern day snow globe of the destination. If you are visiting Paris consider a model of the Eiffel tower, if in Rome you could use the Colosseum, and if you are in Australia you could even use a 3D kangaroo or kola bear. The point of the model is to highlight the section in a unique way while at the same time giving depth to the page. Where there are a ton of journals which xenical have a header and then an assortment of personal pictures, there are few travel journals which are designed with a journal feel to them.


Most web templates come with the ability to have multiple pages. Use this to your advantage to categorize your journal. It makes it far less confusing if your destinations can be easily found and read upon. Consider having a page for each continent that you explore. If you are traveling in one country then make the pages about various location destinations such as museums, night life, the people, and the unsung heroes of that destination. Make it personal. If your journal is mimicking a review site then you will lose that personal touch which readers can identify with.

Use relevant pictures

One of the downfalls of journal blogs, especially travel journal blogs is that the page is filled with selfies. And where there is nothing wrong with having a picture or two of yourself enjoying the location, most viewers will not know or care who you are at first. They want to see the location. They want to experience what you have personally experienced. You are bringing the vacation or holiday to the reader and so your pictures should relate this.

Do not use stock images on your travel blog. This is a big negative. If I want to see stock images of a location I will just do a Google or Bing search. Again, you want to be unique and relate the emotion and the experience to the reader. Take your own pictures. They do not have to be professional grade (though they do need to be clear), just personal.

Use first person dialog

When you type up your experience, ensure that you use I and me in the dialog. This makes it personal. Third person should be avoided as it is too formal. Write as you speak, but also ensure that your grammar is spot on.

Avoid going overboard with banners and social media buttons

Yes, you want to give your audience the ability to share your content. However, if your travel journal has too many banners and buttons, the authenticity of the site will suffer. Viewers will see your site as being driven not by the travel experience, but by the intention to make a few dollars from the click ads. Keep the sharing of content subtle. Add Pinterest/Instagram sharing capabilities to your images, allow for snippets to be shared, and then have your follower and social media buttons.

Add a signature font to the end of each entry

It may not seem like a big deal, but there is something intimate and warming about a signature on a journal entry. When you consider that your stunning travel journal mimics paper, that you have the pictures and the personal touch, and that the reader is there for the unique experience, adding a font such as bro Mello or Ænigma Scrawl 4 BRK can be just the closer that you need.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you have the tips to create a stunning travel journal all that remains is for you to get to your next destination and start.