Google: the new boss of hardware development leaves after 6 months

Last October, David Foster left Amazon to join Google and then endorse the title of vice president. Six months later, the giant of the Net confirms: his recruit of luxury has already left for new adventures.

David Foster

A blow for nothing on the side of Mountain View. While Google thought it had found the rare bird by recruiting David Foster, a former Apple and Microsoft, most recently credited to Amazon for the development of Kindle and Echo products, the man finally did not want to drag on Of the Alphabet subsidiary.

Six months after placing his suitcases in his new office of vice president in charge of hardware efforts, he has already made his cartoons, as confirmed by a spokesman for the firm.

It is not yet known what is the principal motive of this somewhat precipitate departure.

But, according to Bloomberg sources, the giant has been scalded – he does not plan to afford the services of a replacement in the short term.

Hierarchically, David Foster answered Google at Rick Osterloh, a former boss of Motorola repatriated to Mountain View just one year ago.

His assignments included the management of the development of the 2016 Pixel and the Google Home assistant.