The defects of the screen of the Pixel 2 XL put Google in the crosshairs of a possible class action

It has been several weeks since the Pixel 2 of Google, and many people have reserved their terminal to be among the first to enjoy them. However, it seems that the reviews that have been published by different media have criticized especially the appearance of the screen of the Pixel 2 XL, which would be what would be lowering points to a large terminal.

From the ‘burn-in’ effect to the bluish tones, they have been telling the different errors that are on the screen of the largest of the Pixels to the point of ‘scare’ more than one, making it look for another terminal. Now Google, because of these mistakes and some more, could face a class action lawsuit.

Why are you investigating claims against Google, HTC, and LG

The firm Girard Gibbs LLP has set out to investigate the cases of claims that some users are making against Google, HTC, and LG for the different problems of the Pixel 2. In the case of the XL, it is especially the effect ‘burn-in’ or burned, which leaves a permanent mark in the area of the navigation bar.

They also investigate some cases that show some black spots on the screen of the 6-inch terminal. They also deal with the case of “clicks” and whistles coming from the speakers when listening to audio with the NFC activated. The firm encourages those affected to contact them in the form of a free and confidential consultation.

Girard Gibbs LLC is the same firm that was behind the class action against LG for the case of the boot loop of the LG G4, V10, V20, and Nexus 5X. They also sued Motorola for five million dollars for cases of guarantees that were not met.

The solutions Google has given so far

Before this happened, Google had already come to the fore to talk about those failures that were echoing the different media. The theoretically easiest solution is the issue of ‘clicks’ on the speakers, where the Mountain View company said they would get an update to fix it, although until then it is best to have the NFC disconnected.

It is true that there is talk that this problem is hardware, and that it could hardly be solved with a patch, although once it arrives, we will see if it is like this or not. Where more explanations have had to give Google is in relation to the screen of Pixel 2 XL, and have not left all satisfied.

Google has come out to explain some of the problems that have been discussed, some of them will be solved (at least in part) with updates.

Part of the criticism focuses on the colors so “muted” that has, to which Google replied that it was done on purpose, but still get a patch to allow the user to give some more vivid colors. As for the bluish tint when looking at it from certain angles, they warned that it was something normal since many screens are “dyed” of some color (usually yellowish or bluish) when looking at them from a certain angle.

On the subject of ‘burn-in’, and this is what they liked the least, they said that the Pixel 2 XL screen ages like other premium smartphones. Even so, they insist on their two-year guarantee for those who have problems and being Google a fairly serious company, it should not be very difficult to get it pulled (although there are cases and cases).

Should we all hate the Pixel 2 XL?

The short answer is no, and I’ll explain as best as possible. It is logical that in a phone of almost 1,000 euros (which do not come out from under the stones precisely) look with a magnifying glass every millimeter in search of the slightest failure to give a wrench to the manufacturer.

Even so, everywhere Pixel 2 XL has been placed as a magnificent terminal, great, wonderful and all the synonyms that occur to you, but that is marred by a screen that, clearly, is not up to the rest of phone features. Is it no longer a big smartphone because of that? No, it has other virtues such as three years of updates, a perfectly polished software or an outstanding camera.

One thing to keep in mind is that someone who buys a Nexus / Pixel does not do it by hardware (there are much cheaper options), but for that software experience that, as many describe, no one else can offer. And with this article we do not want to scare anyone or tempt him to buy it, it’s just there, if you want it, well, and also. And in case you do not like it, you have your 15 days to return it and find another phone that fits more what you want.