Free Software EaseUS Partition Data Recovery

Get free data recovery software EaseUS Partition installed on your system to get rid of the stress of losing your important and valuable data and information.

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EaseUS Partition Data Recovery software is a free and easy-to-use tool (as the name implies) with the highest recovery capacity. There is no compromise in recovery; The recovery is complete, whether it is a document, images, audio files, videos, files, e-mail files, etc.

Recovers around 2 GB files for free. On the other hand, successful recovery can take place from the PC, laptop, cell phones, memory cards, audio player, digital cameras, hard drives (internal and external), USB drive and other such storage devices.

Fully Compatible with Windows 10 Creators Update support this free file recovery software.

Often, users may lose their data as a result of formatting, inaccessible, software crash, malfunction, hard disk damage, partition loss, deletion, corruption virus, and even some non-detectable reasons, etc. In this case, it is very difficult to recover the lost data; This is where data recovery software comes into use.

In summary, the EASEUS Data Recovery software has the following powerful and surprising functions:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick
  • Risk free
  • Secure and Guaranteed
  • Flexible
  • Efficient and accurate
  • High-quality recovery
  • Reliable and reliable
  • It has no harmful effects on the system or devices

Steps to recover lost data:

Selection of recovery mode – The first scenario is the selection of recovery mode ie in which means you want to recover the lost data, depending on how your data has been lost. This improves the precision of the operation search. Basically, there are three specified recovery modes that help with retention of different types of data loss:

  1. Full recovery: This type of recovery is the recovery of data that is lost due to virus corruption, system reinstallation, format, etc.
  2. Partition Recovery: This type of recovery is the recovery of data that was lost due to the deletion or loss of the raw partition.
  3. Recovery Suppression: This type of recovery is the recovery of erased data with the original file name and file path.

Full recovery mode: The other two recovery modes are similar in appearance

  • Scanning system/storage device – After mentioning the recovery mode, opt for scanning. Specify the file name, data type (text, document, image, media, etc.), data size (even the approximate size will help), date of creation or modification in order to speed up the search process.
  • Recovery After Preview – Once you check out the search results, save the appropriate options. Later, without having to go through the scan again, you have to import them to resume recovery. There is an option to preview the data you want to retrieve.

Remember, the preview before you recover to save the time since if the data is not the required, the filter and the search process can once again be carried out. However, if the data you are looking for is the one you were looking for then you can definitely retrieve the data. This way, you lose your data and save it back to your system.

In this way, this friendly and interactive user software helps the recovery of lost data in just three simple steps of selecting, scanning and retrieving after preview.

Millions of users have opted for this free wizard for lost data recovery and therefore, it is considered to be a trusted and reliable one.

Not only is it compatible with the Windows operating system, which is also heavily supported by Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 / 7/6. Well, this is definitely great software to work with.

Get this free tool soon installed your system in order to get rid of the pressure on the loss of your important and valuable data and information. It has remained several years of its quality and has been equally popular and undoubtedly remains the same!