Galaxy Note 8: reported problems when the battery is completely discharged

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would suffer from a problem that prevents charging in a particular circumstance.

According to various reports on the official Samsung forum, in fact, some devices would have stopped working once completely downloaded.

In particular, as reported in several posts, once turned off the smartphone would not be able to recognize more than one charger (users have claimed to have also tried with different chargers and USB-Type C cables of third parties), leaving off even the Charging LED.

In most cases, Samsung has responded through its moderators advising all customers to return defective devices to immediately identify the problem and quickly proceed to a total replacement and free warranty.

It is still not clear if this is a problem found only on the Galaxy Note 8 with Snapdragon 835 processor or all models. At the moment, in fact, the reports come from devices sold on the US market through Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, regardless of the date of purchase.

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