The Division 1.5 Update Available On PC And Xbox One

Alin Pogan
Alin Pogan

, the third person shooter released earlier this year in all regions on PC and console, will soon be getting additional content on PC and , and the 1.5 update, introducing support for the new DLC as well as fixes and tweaks, is now available for download.

According to online reports, The Division 1.5 update is around 8.8 GB big on Xbox One and between 5 and8 GB on PC, depending on the game’s version.

In case it’s not possible to download the update, simply quitting the game and restarting it should start the download.

The new DLC introduces some rather interesting roguelike mechanics that promise to spice up the experience considerably.

To survive and reach their objective, players face the most extreme conditions and have to manage cold, disease, hunger and thirst. Finding warm clothes, crafting supplies, scavenging for food, water, and medicine are key for agents to make their way to the antidote. But with 23 other players struggling to survive and to find the cure, resources are scarce. Competition between agents will lead many to fall on their way to the Dark Zone. Besides this hostile environment, another deadly threat is prowling in the Dark Zone and preying on The Division: the Hunter, a swift advanced enemy who displays proudly the watches of the agents he has killed.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, and Xbox One. The 1.5 update and Survival DLC will launch on PlayStation 4 next month.

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