Nintendo Switch, no price increase in response to that of PS5

Alin Pogan
Alin Pogan
Nintendo Switch

After Sony recently announced that it will raise the price of the PlayStation 5 globally as a result of rising production costs and the current economic situation, the race between competitors has begun to say that it will not go the same way. The first was Microsoft, which was quick to argue that it will in no way affect the price of the Xbox Series X | S.

Now it is Nintendo’s turn, which following the example above, has publicly stated that it will not increase the prices of its Switch hardware across the range, including the OLED and Lite models. The British branch of Nintendo confirmed this to VideoGamesChronicle in a statement that we report in the most important passage, repeating what its president Furukawa said in June at the 82nd annual general meeting of shareholders:

“While we cannot comment on pricing strategies, we currently have no plans to change the price of our hardware due to inflation or rising procurement costs in each country. We will decide our future pricing strategies through careful consideration. and continuous deliberations “.

Most of the problems for all three producers derive from the current state of the supply chain and among the criticalities there are both the difficulty in finding the main components, and the expenses for logistics, which have proved to have a very economic impact on the recent months.

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