The interesting script created by a fan that puts Riot on the ropes

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A member of the League of Legends community has used his computer skills to create an app that players love, but Riot Games doesn’t. A difficult situation to solve that promises to be resolved in the interest of users.

Whenever we talk about applications created by the League of Legends community, we refer to them as great ideas that come to satisfy many of the needs of the players. In the end, putting in that many hours gives fans a very clear perspective on what improvements would help them enjoy their gaming sessions more. However, there are times when the interests of users collide with those of Riot Games. This situation that has taken place with a tool that promises to put developers between a rock and a hard place.

A magnificent application that collides with the philosophy of Riot Games

The application we are talking about is a script. However, we should not think of it as a tool that allows us to obtain advantages in the game. What it does is execute keyboard and mouse commands that automatically complete the champ select phase. In this way, the players could be absent and still accept the game. So far the application was not particularly new. However, the improvement is that it can also ban a champion and select our character automatically. Dangerous functions that give rise to a good number of problems.

Many members of the community have been interested in using this application, considering that this way they can dedicate themselves to other things in the time that their games are waiting. Especially at the higher MMR levels of the game, the waiting time is very high, and spending ten or fifteen minutes in front of the computer just waiting can be a real bore. In addition, the script takes into account many interesting aspects, such as not banning the champions that the rest of the team has selected in the phase prior to the bans or an audible alarm that reminds us that the game has started.

In this sense, it seems like an application that could help many players. Having to take a phone call or carry out some task between games would be much more bearable and would not cause us to waste time or have to run to the computer for the selection phase. However, unless something has changed in the developer, it is not something that Riot Games is going to accept and it is even likely that using the application could result in a permanent sanction for our game account for incompatibilities with the video game’s anti-cheat system.

There is another big reason why Riot Games is against these types of apps. From the developer, they consider the champion selection phase as one more stage of the games that, although many do not take it seriously enough, can be crucial. Choosing our champions based on the enemy team and taking into account our teammates can considerably increase our chances of victory. In this sense, it is acceptable that a player does not understand the importance or that he does not perform well at this stage, but not that an automated system makes the decisions.

Apart from this situation and the mentioned problem with the possible automatic bans of the anti-cheat system, Riot Games is a company quite strict in its philosophy. For example, League of Legends does not allow us to appear offline to our friends. A situation that forces us not to recommend the use of the application in question. It is true that on some occasions it could be interesting, but the risk is not worth it and, although it is an unpopular decision, it does not seem that Riot Games is going to change its mind about it.

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