The next AAA RPG for Xbox from the creators of Wasteland will be the first person

InXile Entertainment, one of the studios that Xbox Game Studios bought in recent years, is already working on a new AAA RPG. If this catches your attention, you will be interested to know what new information indicates that it will be a first-person project.

What happens is that Twisted Voxel discovered that InXile Entertainment has several vacancies that it seeks to fill soon. Among the positions they are offering are art director; facial entertainer; gameplay designer and many engineering-related roles.

In the vacancies, there is information that what InXile Entertainment is preparing is a first-person game. What happens is that they are looking for individuals with experience in designing gameplay systems with “weapons in the first person”, as well as the creation of combat skills that “take the player right in the middle of the action”.


Sadly, the job postings do not provide more information on InXile Entertainment’s new RPG. That said, other details have emerged in recent months that let us see what they are cooking.

The first thing you need to know is that InXile Entertainment’s new project is just in an early stage of development. This means that there is still a while for us to know about it and see it in action.

Another point that must be mentioned is that it is an RPG that will be AAA quality; that is, it will be high-budget. It is also a fact that they will develop it in Unreal Engine 5.