Anaconda and Lockhart: these are the two key names of the new video consoles that Microsoft may be developing

It is necessary to return to speak of the family of consoles Xbox and is that little by little they take taking forms the rumors that aim at which they will be the new developments of Microsoft facing the new generation of video consoles.

Until now we knew that the development that for now is known under the name of Anaconda would be the one that would come to succeed the current Xbox One X as a top in what refers to the entertainment system of Microsoft. And another name appears, Lockhart, that would come to be the one that happened to the Xbox One S.

From Windows Central have echoed this new development in which point out that Lockhart would be the basis for the development of the machine that would come to take the Xbox One S. A console that should not be confused with the one that may end up arriving based on the personalized AMD Picasso platform to take advantage of streaming.

In this way, it is pointed out that the same differential factor in terms of power that the Xbox One X currently offers would be repeated if we compare it with the Xbox One S. In both cases they are also known as S-2 and X-2.

In the case of Lockhart, it is described as a console that would offer a potential similar to what we can now find in the Xbox One X. It is also doubtful whether in these new developments Microsoft would end up including storage via SSD instead of opting for a disk hard traditional.

The rest of the rumors that are now appearing we like, we can not deny it. And they are referring to the new video consoles will be compatible with Xbox titles, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The only question is about games optimized for the Xbox One X. Can they be used in the new machines?

We expect the year 2019 more than interesting. New releases, new rumors that will surely appear. We will be attentive to all the news that Microsoft can offer us in the coming year.