Battlefield 1: Developer introduces new feature Premium Friends

DICE Developers has introduced a new feature for Battlefield 1: Premium Friends.

Battlefield 1: Developer introduces new feature Premium Friends

This allows players to play with their friends on DLC cards, even if only one in the group has a premium pass.

The first DLC to Battlefield 1 has a lot to offer: an Easter Egg related to the story, another with a reference to a Disney Pixar film and, of course, a new game mode as well as new weapons and vehicles.

With the new maps, however, an old-known problem occurs: The community is divided slowly. Not everyone gets a season pass and not everyone buys all the DLCs.

This creates many small communities that have access to a special map pool. The result is long wait times until a matching game is found as well as empty servers.

DICE Developer, on the other hand, wants to do something about it

Premium Friends” is the featured feature that producer Andreas Skoglund reported on the official blog. If you own a Premium Pass, you can now play with your friends who do not have any cards on the new cards.

When you create a group, Premium status is activated as soon as a Season Pass owner joins your group. There are, however, some limitations: The XP-Boost is still reserved for the premium member.

In addition, only premium players can spawn with the new vehicles and weapons.

For test purposes, DICE would like to activate this feature today, on March 30th.

During the current ongoing BattleFest, the developers want to analyze how the premium friends can counter the problem of the shared community.