Battlefield 1: They-Shall-Not-Pass-DLC played

Battlefield 1 goes with the They Shall Not Pass DLC into the first paid extension.

Battlefield 1

Bonjour! Finally, the French army as a new faction comes into play. Four new cards, the new mode “front lines” as well as the operations “Devil’s Anvil” and “Beyond the Marne” are brought to the front.

This includes fresh weapons, a further elite class, a Behemoth tank and much more.

The editors were allowed to play the fresh content of the “They Shall Not Pass” – DLC for one day.

They Shall Not Pass Played

The four new maps are called “Verdun heights”, “Fort de Vaux”, “Soissons” and “Bruch”. In the trenches of “Verdun heights” it went high, a festival for friends of the direct infantry battle. The fighters had to free themselves in the way upwards, there was only barbed wire, blazing fire, mud, mud and bunker systems – and the opposing artillery.

In “Fort de Vaux” it is similar to the matter. The huge fortress offers an underground labyrinth of dark corridors and wet studs fighting German and French soldiers with shells, guns, bayonets and flamethrowers. It is particularly important here to always have paramedics who can save their comrades when they are lying on the ground. And that often happens.

“Soissons” is on the other hand idyllically idyllic – at first sight. Meanwhile, the picturesque village becomes the backdrop of fierce battles with airplanes, tanks, and submarines. The vehicles, as used by Battlefield, bring new depth into the game and many tactical variants.

It is even more beautiful in “Bruch”, where bright red poppies flood the fields. But here as well, the beautiful appearance is deceptive. For everywhere there are steel coffins, the wrecks of the broken tanks are silent witnesses of hard-fought battles. And lousy ambushes for the clashes that should follow.

They Shall Not Pass: New Modes

“Front Lines” is a combination of the game modes “Conquest” and “Rush”. In the new game variant, you fight from flag to flag to the enemy headquarters. If you have taken this, the game goes into the “Rush” mode, in which you tackle the telegraph masters. The new Behemoth unit – a French Char-2C tank – is also bringing a fresh wind to the battlefield.

Also new in the league of the heavy guns: the St. Chamond. This tank is considered to be the best armed of the whole war. This is also shown when the tank is almost invincible across the battlefield. Another exciting innovation. There are also two new operations called “Devil’s Anvil” and “Beyond the Marne”.

They, like the other operations, combine the individual cards and tactical possibilities to really battling battles, which also lasted a three-and-a-half hour in the session and offered very very much challenge.

With the grave fighter also a new elite class enters the game. This is equipped with a fighter’s club and a stately arsenal of shells. Whoever found the crate with the necessary utensils enjoyed enormous advantages and was therefore not immortal for a long time. Balancing is already right here.

Obendrein will return to a howitzer for your attacks. Similar to the field gun, it is operated by an infantry player and used as a mortar by indirect aiming and firing.

They Shall Not Pass: New weapons

The Ribeyrolles 1918, the RSC 1917, the Lebel Model 1886, the Chauchat, the Sjögren Inertial and the MLE 1903 Extended are the new weapons that the virtual soldier can try. Even more striking, on the other hand, were the brutal close combat with new weapons such as the gear wheel, the nail knife, and the trench fleur.

Where the last leg in the trigger version had not yet worked, instead only a mini knife came to the fore. Indes: The toothed wheel is beautifully powerful … Furthermore, gamers with the new passport can move ten new ranks upwards and open new medals, recognition marks, service stars and code entries. The launch of the first paid “Battlefield 1” – DLC “They Shall Not Pass” is within easy reach.

In this case, premium players are allowed to move to the new battlefields two weeks earlier than everyone else. Users of the service will be able to access “They Shall Not Pass” as from 14 March 2017. Regular buyers of the DLC are waiting for the 28th of March, then they can also beat and download the additional content.