Battlefield 1: First Teaser for enlargement “They Shall Not Pass”

The March to the first DLC for Battlefield 1 bring and so the French army for the shooter. Now there’s a first teaser clip for their upcoming additional content that already could reveal more than it first appears.

This much is certain: Battlefield 1 should receive its first DLC in March. Therein it is to go especially to the French army. But what content are planned DICE reserves not yet for itself.

Now, there is a first, small teaser who might reveal about the upcoming content for Battlefield 1 more.

The brief teaser you can find below. This is initially a soldier to see, standing in front of a burning forest. Behind him rides a gigantic tank briefly over the screen and then discloses the French flag, which was strongly pulled by the battles affected.

Some Battlefield 1 Player suspect here already direct evidence of the new content.

So it could be at the soldiers to the new elite class for Battlefield 1 Indeed, contrary to normal infantry he wears an armored armor, as they already have the other elite classes of the shooter.

However, it is unclear what skills he leads in Battlefield 1 into battle.

The tanks, however, is to be a “Char 2C,” the largest tank that has ever been created.It has been tested by the French army shortly before the end of the war.

The community of Battlefield 1 goes on even and suggested that it could be not only a new tank but also to the new behemoth who helps out on the French map the losing party. Hitherto it but nothing is confirmed.