BATTLEFIELD 1: Wilderness Celebration

I always dreamed about an experience as close to reality that is faced with a soldier in one of the world wars – but without the danger of default – and, given the number of games that deals with this subject, I do not think I’m the only one.

Battlefield 1 currently gives the closest experience to meet this kind of curiosity.

The whole environment is so faithfully in terms of graphics and technical, that during the game, even in moments of respite, you’ll feel the pressure of danger in a way so genuine that you can easily think trough what horrors passed the people involved in such carnage.

Battlefield 1 is an Electronic Arts game trademark, published on 21 October this year. It is part of shooter games, but not quite standard experience that you’d expect, but rather one smart atypical executed of people at DICE.

In 2016, not only managed to launch only very good games (Fifa 2017 Titanfall 2, etc.), but also their attitude to consumers in general, has changed for the better.

Apart from Battlefield 1, which does not disappoint overall, another good example that I want to remember it is Titanfall 2 title that does not follow the traditional recipe triple A, and all DLC will be free of sites.

You have a choice of four standard classes and another 4 that are special.

Standard classes are:

  • Striker (Assault)
  • Doctor
  • Support
  • Scout

Standard grades are available in all multiplayer modes. In addition, there are the pilot tank, plane, rider and elite class.

battlefield 1

The first 3 you can choose the game menu if you play has action vehicles, aircraft or horses available, and the elite class only the luckiest transitions, those who are on the battlefield some boxes with special weapons.

Maps and game modes

The game was released with six new maps and game modes for multiplayer and will receive a free new map just this month.

Game modes are:

  • Operations
  • Conquest Domination
  • Rush
  • Team Deathmatch
  • War Pigeons

Operations, Conquest and Rush are the ways that you will most likely spend most of the time, at least to me they liked the most because it makes me feel like on the war: Wild!

battlefield 1

As explained in the beginning, only a few games have completely blown my mind away, and when I first saw the blimp in the sky, I was simply perplexed, given the magnitude that has the feeling of powerlessness that inspires you if you are in the opposite camp.