Battlefield 2042 will improve its performance and fix a huge number of gameplay issues with two major updates

When we analyzed Battlefield 2042 one of the details that we highlighted was that the game experience needed to be polished, something in which DICE agrees because it has communicated that it is working on two major updates with which it hopes that the performance of this installment will improve more yet at the same time that it will add more news.

Some of them will be available tomorrow, November 25, and many others will arrive in early December. In addition to all this, the team is also working on another update that they hope will be ready for Christmas.

Regarding what they will offer, the company wants to further improve the stability of the servers, since they can still suffer some critical problems at times, such as the fact that the score markers are not registered correctly or that the players do not appear in the expected place.

Something that we also want to correct is the playability when shooting. Some people have reported that there is a certain inconsistency when it comes to pointing in relation to the mouse sensitivity settings in the PC version, although similar problems have also been detected in the console that is expected to be corrected soon.

On the other hand, weapons fail more than they should, causing a less than satisfactory experience. Along with this, something that DICE has also recognized is that it will improve some vehicles and review their characteristics to adjust the damage and their resistance to not being very consistent in certain cases.

For the rest, the amount of experience gained in the different game modes will be improved, the interface will receive some changes to make it more intuitive and make everything look better, matchmaking, progression systems, maps, will also be improved.

As well as all available game modes. In short, here you can consult in depth all the details of these updates because they are not especially few.