The best free football games for Windows 10

For some time now, video games have taken center stage when we talk about video games, however, many still prefer to enjoy their favorite games from the computer.

Today we can buy a lot of PC games, in fact, there are some platforms from which we can choose from its large catalog of computer games at a reasonable price. However, there are also interesting sites where you can enjoy interesting online games for free. Next, let’s show some of the best free soccer games for Windows 10.

Undoubtedly, one of the types of games that have been popular for a long time is football. And is that the king sport is the one that drags more fans. Even those who do not like to play football, in reality, maybe some of the greatest football players from the computer, hence its great popularity.

Some of the best free soccer games for Windows 10

  • One of the best sites to enjoy free soccer games for Windows 10 is Free2Play, a web page, which as its name suggests, offers free to play games. A concept that I’m sure many of you already know and that goes to say that we can get them for free. It is a business model with which the developers themselves intend to monetize their games and is based on offering basic and free versions of their games, with the possibility of making micro-payments to expand functions, characters, etc.
  • In Free2Play we found some interesting free games for Windows 10 like FIFA Online 3, Soccer Manager or Football Superstars.
  • FIFA Online 3 is a video game made by EA Sports that uses the FIFA 10 graphics engine and uses all of FIFA’s databases. In this FIFA Online 3, it is possible to play a league of clubs, make signings, lay off players or play matches and tournaments with all kinds of players.
  • Soccer Manager is another great free soccer game for lovers of this sport. In Soccer Manager you can play up to 48 leagues from 36 different countries around the world and choose the team that you like from the more than 800 that this game offers. It is a game based on the cloud that can be played both from the computer and from the mobile through your app.
  • Football Superstars is another of the classic free football games for PC. One of the most competitive that combines the usual football matches with your own lifestyle. It is one of the free to play soccer games in which instead of controlling a whole team, as in most football games, you control a single player. In this way, you will be the protagonist himself.

When we talk about free soccer games for Windows 10, of course in the Microsoft Store we also find free soccer games to enjoy them from the computer.

  • Among the best rated by users, we find Football Soccer League, with which we can create our own team or stadium and face the most famous teams from around the world, or Head Soccer World Football, with which you will have to demonstrate your skills for becoming the best team in the world.

And if you are one of the ones you like the most from playing on your mobile or holding your phone when you do not have your computer in front, from the following link we leave you some of the best free football games for Android and iOS.