The December update of Assassin’s Creed: Origins will add a Horde mode, a difficulty level and other surprises

The December update of Assassin's Creed: Origins will add a Horde mode, a difficulty level and other surprises

During its first month ‘ Assassin’s Creed: Origins ‘ has expanded its content with a few novelties and with suit packs, so Ubisoft has wanted to repeat the play and reveal everything that will end up coming during the month of December, which will not be the especially little bit.

To start the players who love to face the most complicated challenges will have the option to choose the Nightmare mode, a new level of difficulty with which the enemies will become more resistant to the damage caused and in turn will be more powerful.

At the same time, another option has been added, through popular demand, so that the level of the enemies can scale along with ours.

The Trials of the Gods mode already allowed fighting against Anubis and Sobek days ago, but if someone was left without the opportunity to face them or defeat them, now he will be able to do it once again after implementing his fighting again along with Sekhmet’s, the Egyptian goddess of war and revenge.

A new mission called ” Here Comes to New Challenger ” will also be added, which will actually be a new Horde-type event. This means that players must face non-stop waves of enemies, although Ubisoft recommends that you have level 32 or higher before facing this challenge.

On the other hand, on December 12 will be available to download the pack Gladiator Items, with which will be added an armor, a shield, and three weapons, while on December 26 will be enabled the Wacky Items pack, which will include the amount and four more weapons.

Perfect to finish the year on the right foot.