Destiny 2 will have more than 80 PVE activities and missions

Destiny 2

Thanks to a detailed article published on the latest issue of the EDGE magazine note, new details about Destiny 2 and, more specifically, about the content of the game will surely disappear.

The second chapter of the Bungie series will include over 80 PVE activities and missions . They will all be very substantial both in terms of length and difficulty; Players will face complex, simple challenges, but they will nevertheless have exclusive rewards.

Among the other information emerged, it is also confirmed the introduction of the time limit in ‘Cala la Notte’ Consequently, users will need to implement strategies in order to be more efficient.

Destiny 2 will be available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One from 6 September, while PC players will have to wait until October 24th.

The latter will be able to test the expected title in a few days thanks to the release of the beta, which will include a series of content inside it.

The PC test version will start on Aug. 28 and will allow players to take part in the mission of the story, called Return home, venture into the Axis, Reverse Spiral, and Face Detonation on the City Center map. A new battlefield, Javelin-4, for Control Mode will also be introduced.