Diablo 3: The Necromancer Comeback

The dead man from “Diablo 2” rises from the grave after 17 years and brings fresh corpses into “Diablo 3” – with sleek scythe, powerful blood gold mate and exploding cadavers.

Diablo 3

Not a few “Diablo” fans had hoped to release “Diablo 3” a particular fan favorite with bright hair and dark aura as a playable hero, but developer Blizzard denied them this desire. The speech is, of course, from the Necromancer, the player in “Diablo 2” in the year 2000 know and love have learned.

Now Blizzard makes fan dreams come true – and pulls the black magician in the coming, so far not yet terminated content update for “Diablo 3” from the retro crypt into the here and now.

On the look of the corpse, nothing has changed in “Return of the Necromancer”: He is still the type who, like Batman, only works in black clothes and is wearing a bright head-dress to the Goth style. In contrast to this time, however, you may occasionally emit occult curses as a male or female character.

Exploding carcasses, curses, skeletal armies

But what is under the pallid skin of the Necromancer? The skill-skeleton of the new class builds on old bones, but Blizzard also gently mixes fresh ingredients into the revitalizing elixir. Some of the well-known abilities are particularly “Diablo 2” – hunters rejoice: with the part is, for example, the blood golem, that colossal companion, the enemies the life juice robbers and you in this way heals.

Skeletal warriors (who will be able to give orders this time, too), as well as the good, old bone spear that shows death from a distance as a penetrating projectile, are part of the necromancer’s comeback. Not to forget the extremely funky Kadavrex explosion, with which you can bring down fallen opponents such as piñatas and cause extensive damage.

They are drawn into the battle with a dark stretcher, weakening beasts with rage, a group of resurrected warriors, and controlling the battlefield by means of a bone, remote attack. So far, so well-known. You can also play the returner differently than you are accustomed to from “Diablo 2”.

New toys

In the “Diablo 3”, the dead-man singer will swing his faithful “To essence”. The sharp tool makes the Sensenmann – or the Sensenfrau – much more effective in close combat than before. If you swing your scythe in a wide arc, you can combine it with “Blutnova” – a massive pressure wave that literally lets your minions move around you. Combined with a curse like the Egelfluch, the monster’s life force, the real miracle works.

Of corpse and dark magic When they swing the scythe, you can also collect so-called essence – which uses her alter ego to use his powerful abilities. To incorporate essence is another way – in the “fallout” style, there is a skill that makes the Necromancer a corpse. Maybe something unappetizing, but what does not everything do for essence?

The rifting of the enemies at the Blutnova and the Totenschmaus fit in any case perfectly to the morbid charm of the class. One or the other still remembers the extremely stylish bone fixtures of the time.

The armor set concept art, which is already in the run-up to the upcoming “Diablo 3” update, definitely looks spectacular – a deadly armor in blood-red is also there.

Perhaps a small drop of vermouth for some players: On the PC, the expansion “Reaper of Souls” is imperative to slit with the necromancer. Consolenspieler absolutely needs the “Ultimate Evil Edition”, in which “Diablo 3” is bundled with the additional content.

A new game area does not exist in “Return of the Necromancer”, but only smaller items to the class itself: cosmetic wings, in-game pet, two character spaces, two booty compartments, portrait frame, flag, banner, and banner label.