The challenges of the Diablo III season 18 will arrive next week along with new rewards

With more than seven years behind him, Diablo III remains one of the key games for Blizzard and every few months he demonstrates adding new features.

The next ones will arrive on August 23 on the occasion of the start of season 18, also called Triad Season, and with which the 2.6.6 patch will be published.

While the new season remains active, players will benefit from the power of the triad, which will randomly invoke circles around the stage that will grant different advantages when someone is placed in them. Among them will be a 10% increase in damage, a 50% reduction in resources consumed or a reduction in the waiting time for special skills.

In the previous season, some cosmetic rewards that were available in the past were recovered. It is seen that the idea has worked because Blizzard has wanted to repeat the play so that from next week the players will be able to get once again with the prizes of season 6.

n turn you can participate in new challenges that will serve to obtain an additional tab in the stash when completing the Conqueror level. The tests to pass will be the following:

  • Power amplification: improve an ancestral legendary item with a gem of level 50 or more with the Kanai cube.
  • Disarmed: kill Rakanoth in Torment XIII in less than 15 seconds and at level 70.
  • I will emerge from my ashes: increase to level 55 three legendary gems.
  • Sanctuary Guardian: Complete a level 70 nephalem fault in Torment XIII in less than five minutes.
  • Greed broke the sack: end Greed in Torment XIII.
  • Cubic remodeling: reinforce a legendary object with the Kanai cube.
  • I am a truhán, I am a conqueror: to finish two conquests during the current season.
    I’ll take you: get level 60 of the top faults playing solo.

diablo 3

A few more will be added to all challenges to unlock new achievements. Completing certain chapters of the seasonal newspaper will serve to organize exclusive class sets, although you can only get one per season and will be dedicated to the character in question with which you are playing.

The skins of each have a spectacular appearance and in some cases give the impression of being the armor of World of Warcraft.

Finally, patch 2.6.6 will come hand in hand with a huge amount of changes in the objects, in the abilities of the characters and will also correct some errors that have been detected. All this can be consulted carefully by clicking here to see the patch notes.