A direct technical comparison with the PlayStation 4 consoles on the Xbox One X booklet

PlayStation 4 consoles

Up until a few months, Sony was in a good position to show the power of its consoles in terms of hardware. Everyone will remember the PlayStation 4 Pro publicity where the word ” the most powerful console in the world ” was always highlighted.

Now is Microsoft’s turn, the “scepter” with Xbox One X goes in fact to the Redmond giant who has decided to emphasize the power of its new platform with a black technical written comparison over white (maybe in that case it would be better to say white about black).

Piers Harding-Rolls analyst at IHS Markit, actually posted a post on Twitter, signaling that within the Xbox One X booklet there is a page where the technical specifications of the new consoles are compared directly with those of PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S.

Will Microsoft succeed with its powerful console, out on November 7, to win video game players again as it did with the Xbox 360?

At this time we do not know yet, pre-orders, however, as stated by Microsoft’s Harvey Eagle itself, were very high and at day-one players who did not make a reservation may find it difficult to find the console.