DOOM on Switch: 720p 30fps in all modes and unlocked the weight of the game

DOOM on Switch: 720p 30fps in all modes and unlocked the weight of the game

Bethesda at Glixel’s microphones has revealed some interesting information about the DOOM Switch’s version including resolution, frame rate, and size that the title will have on the Nintendo hybrid.

The 30fps are then confirmed in both portable mode and when the Nintendo Switch is inserted into the Dock and then connected to the TV.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The underlying technology of Doom’s game and rendering is extremely scalable. We tried to bring a DOOM featuring outstanding image images on Switch, which can provide a great visual impact while maintaining a constant frame rate of 30 that offers a completely fluid gaming experience. According to the feedback we received, DOOM and the most visually appealing and fun games of Switch.[/perfectpullquote]

Next, the software house also states that the resolution is set at 720p in both docked and portable mode.

Despite DOOM’s failure to secure the 1080p-like, according to the feedback from those who tested the game, the Bethesda home shooter is visually still one of the most beautiful Switch titles.

In addition, it is revealed that the weight of the DOOM multiplayer compartment will be well 9GB.

As already anticipated, the online component of the famous shooter will not be included in the 16GB gaming cartridge but will have to be downloaded from Nintendo’s e-Shop completely free of charge.