FATHER AND SON, the first game published by a archeology museum

Father and Son is a hand painted 2D adventure that explores human emotions

Archaeological Museum of Naples, one of the most visited in the world and with some of the fascinating collections of art, is the first museum funding and publish a video game.

Father and Son is a 2D side scrolling game narrative that explores feelings of love and fear, dreams and the passage of time through the story of an archaeologist and son who never knew him.

Hand painted throughout the story, players will find themselves in the shoes of Michael, who receives a letter from his father archaeologist.

The journey will be worn in many eras, such as Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, until the contemporary period in Naples.

Player decisions will affect the course of the story, leading to different endings. Michael will interact with various characters and take important decisions.

This will not only learn more about his father, who knew him not, but about the characters he meets on the narrative. Thanks, characters past and present, Michael will rediscover himself.

Father and Son will be released for free on iOS and Google Play, but other platforms are considered.

The game is developed by studio TuoMuseo, composed of professionals from the video game industry (former employees Ubisoft, EA, Vivendi, etc.) and specialists in cultural studies.

Paolo Giulierini, director of the museum, Ludovico Solim, Professor of Management of Cultural Organizations, said that through this game want to create a new connection with the public, which can interact with the institute and Naples from anywhere in the world.

They will then assess carefully the results of this new approach.