FIFA: Is the Nintendo-Switch porting the old consoles version?

On the presentation of Nintendo Switch also a reaction of was FIFA announced for the new console with the funny controllers. But if you have a desire for a good game of chess on grass, it could now give bad news.

Allegedly, the FIFA implementing a tick is older on the switch.

That the Nintendo Switch not quite as much power will, like its competitors, PS4 and Xbox One, should now be made clear to all, but Nintendo also relies on a slightly different clientele with its new console.

But football fans might feel pushed to the FIFA implementation for Nintendo Switch on the head.

As several sources have reported the presentation, it will be at the FIFA Switch version is a port of the old consoles.

  • Means: Basically then you get a reaction of the PS3 and Xbox 360 version purposed on the new console.
  • Big problem: These are now technically and graphically severely outdated.

Because since 2013 has not done much with the old versions of FIFA. They are still running on the Ignite engine. The PS4, PC and Xbox One version, however, are on the Frostbyte engine traveling.

And also some game modes, such as “The Journey”, should then also missing.