An extra tool for Final Fantasy XV graphics on PC discovered

Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy XV demonstration for PC was launched yesterday. Now that the demo is available in all regions, many users have been able to see how the Square Enix RPG performs on their respective teams and what kind of graphics options it has compared to its console edition.

But while we knew that it would be more powerful and impressive at the audiovisual level, a player has discovered a tool in the game that allows, even more, use the Luminous Engine.

A hidden option that offers greater graphics customization

It was the player Ryudo_Gaming who, through Reddit, shared his discovery. This tool, which is available in the PC version, can be found among the files of the demo, and it offers options of configuration and modification of graphical parameters in the game that are not available in a basic way in the menu enabled for it.

They are much more specific and professional features than those available to all users, and they offer an unusual customization in terms of Luminous Engine engine performance.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Diving in the directory of the FFXV demo I found a file called GraphicsConfigurationTool that is basically a tool that allows us to edit any imaginable feature inside the Luminous Engine, especially things that are not present in the original options, such as the resolution of the shadows – what can go up to 800% in terms of definition – and statistics or things like that “[/perfectpullquote]

commented Ryudo_Gaming.

A tool that allows us to edit any imaginable feature within the Luminous Engine
In other news related to the PC version of the game, Square Enix has ensured that it will offer “full freedoms” for the mods.

The game will come to PC next March 6.