Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Playstation Reveal Trailer

If you’re a fan of arcade fighting games, there’s a chance you’ll have played Marvel VS Capcom in the arcades.

Now a few days ago we heard the rumors that a new Marvel VS Capcom game would be announced during the PlayStation Experience, and sure enough, it has.

The graphics on the game look pretty stunning and it shows off Ryu from Street Fighter and Mega Man fighting against Iron Man and Captain Marvel (who will be getting her standalone movie starring Brie Larson).

Instead of being pure PVP, Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite will also feature its own original cinematic storyline.

In terms of the roster, we’re not sure who else we can expect apart from the characters shown in the trailer, but with a release estimated for late 2017, we guess Capcom will reveal more details as we get closer to its release.