Mass Effect – Andromeda: Animation discussion escalates

Shortly after the start of “Andromeda” there were heated discussions about the facial animations in the game. Now the hate is directed against a developer.

Mass Effect - Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda” had to be criticized shortly after the EA Access launch on 16 March.

Above all the partly failed face animations in the game caused for heated discussions in the social networks and brought developers Bioware much Häme.

The reactions are quite understandable as the test of the editorial shows. What is incomprehensible is the latest developments in the discussions.

According to a report by Kotaku, the criticism is currently mainly against the game developer Allie Rose-Marie Leost. A report on a US website had named this as the person responsible for the facial animations in the game.

In the same article (which is not intentionally linked here), the author makes Ethan Ralph allusions, Leost got the job because she is a woman – to make it clearly defused.

It was a silly remark, which led to a mass of other stupid remarks. Leost was and is being attacked in social networks. Bioware’s opinion could only smooth the waves.

The studio had described the report as wrong and the attacks against employees were branded as unacceptable. A good reaction.

Nevertheless, the hostility to Loest continues. Also because Ralph copied and published another article, in which he tries to underline the involvement of the developer in the animations.

An incomprehensible and irresponsible procedure. He sets Allie Rose-Marie Leost again to the hate. One thing should be clear to the author: there must be the criticism of a game.

Focusing on one person is simply wrong – especially in a mammoth project like “Mass Effect Andromeda“.

Irresponsibly, however, is to expose this person to hatred in social networks, with allegedly failed assertions.