Xbox One: Microsoft cancels Scalebound after 3 years of development

While Scalebound would enrich the list of exclusives Xbox One sometime in 2017, Microsoft confirmed via a brief statement that the project had been abandoned. Delays were behind this decision.

Scalebound was to be one of the few titles compatible Xbox One HDR. He had to be playable on Windows 10 and above in 2017 landed on the shelves.

Unfortunately for gamers, it will not happen. Oriented action and adventure game developed by PlatinumGames since 2013 has been canceled. Microsoft, who was the editor, confirmed the news from the appearance of rumors.

The firm did not disclose his reasons, except that it has taken this decision after a ” careful consideration.” It points to reassure players that other exclusives are in pipes, as Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 or Sea of Thieves.

According to sources, PlatinumGames was forced to put several executives at rest during the fall, when they were about to crack under the weight of work.

These are of course income after the break, which lasted only one month. But the backlog has built up and, after three years of development, Microsoft was not very excited to get their hands in the pocket to extend the deadline. Thus the decision was made to stop spending, especially as the game engine was still not finalized.

Scalebound was to stage the adventures of a tandem somewhat unusual, consisting of a human and a dragon (playable). He had to rely on an open world, confrontations with XXL monsters and a collaborative game mode (see video below).

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