This is how Microtransactions, Star Cards and more work in Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Official Gameplay Trailer

That ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II‘ will have microtransactions is nothing new, but today we bring you three videos in which we can see in what we will have the option to spend real money if we wish, among other interesting things.

It is worth remembering that EA has decided to opt for a different business model in this second installment with respect to the first one: all the additional contents of the game will be completely free and there is no season pass that counts.

Something ideal for not targeting players, which was what happened in the original title and what happens in all games whose multiplayer has this type of paid content.

Once that topic is dispatched, let’s go to the microtransactions

In ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II‘ we will be winning boxes, which contain the so-called Star Cards thanks to which we can improve the characters. On this occasion, each class may be equipped with four of these cards, instead of the three of the first Battlefront, and will be common, rare, rare, epic or legendary. Heroes can only carry two of these cards.

According to what we can see in these videos, simply by entering the game we will receive a daily box plus those that we buy using the credits of the game, which are won by simply throwing games. There are likely to be other ways of getting into boxes that have not yet been released, and anyone who wants to speed up the process will be able to buy them with real money through the microtransactions system.

The interesting thing about these cards is that they can be raised the level. If we have a common type card whose effect we like, we can invest crafting parts in it to raise it to rare, rare or epic. A legendary we will not be able to raise them: this type of cards we can only obtain them through the boxes and, by what is said here, will be difficult to obtain.

It will also be possible to customize both the weapons and the vehicles, something that we did not have in the first delivery and that can be more than interesting.

Finally, it should be noted that everything seen in these videos belongs to an Alpha version of the game and that both the progression system and the appearance of the boxes or cards could undergo some changes in the final game.