Mod to bring Red Dead Redemption to GTA V Canceled

The project to create a mod with the engine of the game Grand Theft Auto V the map of Red Dead Redemption that we talk to you a few days ago has been canceled.

Red Dead Redemption
The goal was to use the latest game technology to give new life to the other and take advantage to introduce some new features. This project has apparently been canceled due to pressures from the gaming company.

The project was called Red Dead Redemption V and was part of the white modders group. It was announced Friday among the community of GTA players, but that day was canceled.

“I know it may be difficult to accept, but they have contacted us, ” said the project’s lead programmer. “So thank you very much, we were very happy but it will not be possible to do it, we regret it “. The team has removed the first graphic materials they presented to the community in less than 24 hours since their debut in society.

Although mod makers have not indicated who has contacted them, we must assume that it has been a legal representative of Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, who owns the rights to the Red Dead Redemption saga.

This year marks the return of the series with Red Dead Redemption 2, which is expected to launch in the last quarter of the year, so the legal team may be especially alert to possible unwanted uses of their brands.

The objective of this mod was to integrate the map of Red Dead Redemption from the version of Xbox 360 in the engine of Grand Theft Auto V and, also, to expand it with new contents.

Therefore, it is possible that those responsible for Red Dead Redemption 2 considered that it was not a good idea to allow an external group of fans to continue with such a project.

This mod had already been two years of work behind his back, as he was not shown to fans until he was considered mature enough. They wanted to launch a public beta in the summer.