Monster Hunter XX for Switch: Confirmed release date and first trailer

As we advance yesterday, Capcom has released the release date of the ‘Monster Hunter XX’ for Nintendo Switch. The game will see the light in Japan next 25 of August and for now, no details have been given on its arrival to the rest of territories.

In addition to this date, the company has released the first trailer and some interesting data you can see in the trailer.

Remember that ‘Monster Hunter XX’ is a game originally released on Nintendo 3DS, for now only in Japan, where it came out last March, as an extended version of ‘Monster Hunter Generations’. These are the details that have been released:

3DS Monster Hunter Generations saved data can be transferred to this version of Switch, but not vice versa. With 3DS ‘Monster Hunter XX’ you can transfer saved games to the Switch and vice versa.

Multiplayer will be both online and local. The online will be compatible with the 3DS, so all the owners of ‘Monster Hunter XX’ will be able to play together no matter what console they are using.

In Switch, the resolution will reach 1080p when playing using the TV.
The UI has been redesigned to fit the Switch.

In addition to the game, Capcom has announced a Nintendo Switch + ‘Monster Hunter XX’ pack for Japan which includes a custom dock at a price of 36,280 yen (plus 291 euros at current exchange) plus taxes.

It’s about waiting for Capcom to decide on the arrival of the game to other countries.