More games in 4K for the Xbox One X? The Forza Horizon 3 will include a patch that will make it possible in January

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is now officially available for sale since yesterday.

However, despite the fact that the numbers on paper always look great, to know the real performance, the important thing is the games.

And in the case of the Xbox One X, for now, the one that has better known how to take advantage of the full potential of the new machine has been the Forza Motorsport 7 that already has its corresponding patch to improve performance. A title that will soon join the other member of the Forza saga as is the Forza Horizon 3.

Considered by many as the best driving game of this generation, will receive from next January 15, 2018, a patch that will enable to have all the improvements that already includes the Forza Motorsport 7. In this way, the Horizon 3 will be integrated into the list of Xbox One Enhanced games.

How in this case with the term “Enhanced”, Xbox One X games will have a series of “stamps”, logos that will determine which are the improvements that include an eye, because here there is small print that must be read:

  • 4K Ultra HD: games that can be played in 4K resolution, both those that do it natively and those that change their resolution dynamically or those that apply the technique of upscaling checkerboarding.
  • HDR: those that have support for HDR10.
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: games with this description take advantage of that power, but without specifying what method they will use, level of detail, better frame rates per second or other visual improvements.

And remember that the members of this list are characterized by being able to offer the possibility of viewing images in native 4K resolution among other improvements, although unlike their brother circuits, here the fps could be limited to 30 frames per second, far from the 60 fps that are achieved in the Motorsport 7 and that makes it a visual delight.

Meanwhile and leaving aside the rumors about whether the quality provided by this patch will be greater or lesser, the only thing that remains is to wait for the coming year so that after Christmas the distribution of this new patch begins and thus see the catalog grow of Xbox One X in 4K.

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