The new Watch Dogs 2 DLC is called No Compromise and after playing it, the name could not be more accurate

There are three ways to approach the DLC. The first is to give more excuses for those who have not yet bought the game will decide to do so. The second is to create content so that the people who are already in it remain hooked. The third is to have cut a piece of the campaign and now put it to announce that there is something new.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is dangerously close to the latter, offering a new chapter that, by its simplicity and originality, gives the sensation of being a mere patch that in no case brings anything beyond what we have already seen in the complete game.

No commitment (with the fan)

None of that would be a problem of not being because overcoming it will take less than an hour. While it’s true that fans of multiplayer have more excuses to stick to it, I very much doubt that the initial value of Watch Dogs 2 is tied to that aspect. At least in my case, their online bet was one of those additions that are because they have to be, but not the trigger that made me recommend the game.

Precisely because of that, I expected something more, a blow on the table to the height of the geniuses that delivered the main story instead of a mere rehash of things already seen in scenarios and situations already burned.

With the excuse of stopping a porno parody that pretends to mock From, Marcus and company must expose a porn director who then ends up being something more than a prankster (tries white in collaboration with the Russian mafia).

Very decaffeinated missions

The thing is complicated and what seemed a mission to enter, leave and collect applause, ends up being an eggplant in which you must also annoy the band that supports their goings-on. That translates into several segments as different as they are known.

It is the infiltration mission based on going from camera to camera inside a closed complex, that of confronting the Mafia with secrecy at a point where you do not have weapons, that of confronting with weapons, of liarla with a Car and attack the main base of the Mafia with all possible options.

The first was a walk, the second a festival of shots thanks to the call of bands and police that left everything clean while I patiently waited for it to end everything without disturbing me, and with the rest three-quarters of the same. So that we understand ourselves, neither challenge nor originality nor time of the game to emphasize.

I was expecting something more

If I especially bother to say all that is because the only thing I can say about it is that it is still just as entertaining as the main campaign , but it is inevitable to keep sweet potato paste when after a few minutes the mission is completed and the only thing that You can jump is a multiplayer that had not made me go back to the game before.

I understand that there is the key to the issue and that part of the problem is mine if you keep playing ‘Watch Dogs 2‘ online you have the opportunity to exploit it a bit more.

I do not know to what extent the game community will continue to live, it would be a matter of seeing Ubisoft metrics in that sense, but I find it difficult to imagine a scenario where the buyer of the game’s season pass is not disenchanted with What the company has put here on the table.

Even less seeing that the affection towards other franchises like ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ in that sense has been enough greater.