NieR – Automata: Fan-Patch is supposed to produce a performance miracle

The recently released Action Roll Game NieR: Automata provides performance problems even on powerful machines.

NieR - Automata
A community member has now published a patch, which is to accept jerks and other undesirable side effects – as first users report, the unofficial update is to bring true miracles.

Since this month, the Action RPG NieR: Automata is officially available for PC and PlayStation 4.

If the otherwise very positively accepted game is not exactly with bombastic graphics, but many PC players complain about performance problems.

The Steam user Kaldaien has released a specially created patch that disables aspects such as “GeForce Experience” and “Nvidia Shield” features, limiting the maximum frame rate to 60 FPS, “Triple – “instead of” Quad-Buffering “and makes further optimizations.

And the reactions from the Reddit sound promising.

There a user reports that the unofficial patch had raised its image rate from 45 FPS at lowest settings to 60 FPS at almost maximum graphics settings – other players have already tried the patch, and are talking about similarly impressive results.

If you want to give the fan created patch a chance, you can download it via the GitHub page.

The creator wants to further improve his work in the coming days.

It should be pointed out at this point, however, that the patch is not an official update of the NieR developer Platinum Games.

Downloading is done at your own risk and does not guarantee satisfactory performance results for any user in NieR: Automata.