Nintendo Switch: Dock sold separately

If you are running the Nintendo Switch on several TVs, the second dock will be coming soon. From May, Nintendo also sold the stations individually.

Nintendo Switch

The use of the Nintendo Switch can be spiced up with all kinds of accessories. For an overview of the best peripherals, see the attached gallery. Soon, Nintendo will expand the range of helpful accessories by a particularly important piece.

The dock to use the console on the TV will be available separately from a media report from 19 May. Thus, gamers who use their switch on different TV sets can switch from one TV to another without a complicated modification.

The edition of the docks is obviously limited, the sale takes place directly through Nintendos Onlineshop as well as selected dealers.

With 89.99 US dollar is the simple plastic stand with connection sockets, however, anything but a bargain. Also in the starting holes: JoyCon controller in the color neon yellow as well as a battery pack, with which the life of the small gamepads can be lengthened.

According to a specialist magazine, both should be available in the USA from 16 June. The start date for Germany is not yet known.