Nintendo Switch: The game modules taste horrible!

Who has already got a Nintendo switch, tests Nintendo’s new console? Bold journalists have even gone so far as to check the game modules for the taste.

Nintendo Switch
Picture / Reddit

Tomorrow, March 3, the Nintendo Switch will be released.

Even now, there are numerous tests for console handheld hybrids, but what Jeff Gerstmann has found is new.

On Twitter, the game journalist said that he had put one of the game modules in his mouth and the ugly taste still on the tongue.

Kotaku picked up this message and promptly checked it myself. The result is the same: As soon as the game module touches the tongue, the hot-throated person immediately goes off to the game.

But what could be behind it?

Kotaku has already asked Nintendo for an opinion but has not yet received an answer. On Reddit, especially parents of small children suspect that the terrible taste of Nintendo is intended: since children in their first years explore their environment by taking everything into their mouth, the small game modules could be swallowed.

An alarmingly nasty taste would prevent that.

After this became known, young and adult tongues will get their new Zelda or 1-2 Switch from tomorrow onwards. Whether this was really intended by Nintendo to protect small children remains to be seen.