Nintendo Switch: Unreal Engine Total Support Confirmed

Unreal Engine reaches version 4.16 and now fully supports the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch

Testing with Epic Games’ version 4.15 of the Epic Games engine has reported postal results for the company’s console from Enne, which will surely embellish new adventures featuring a particularly advanced technology.

Epic bosses have stressed that they have provided source code for free to all Nintendo approved developers so that the various teams can make the most of the Unreal Engine performance and thus offer interesting video gaming experiences from every point of view.

Curiosity at the highest levels for this new partnership between Nintendo and Epic Games. Hope is that of course, you can rely on titles from captivating gameplay and evocative visual impact.

Nintendo Switch
During the E3 2017, Nintendo will most likely show the public the first projects associated with the new version of Unreal Engine 4.

Appointment for the days 14-15 and 16 June, the date when the annual show will be held in Los Angeles next to the video game.