No Man’s Sky: Fans create the first map of the giant galaxy

Although No Man’s Sky has left such a negative first impression on the players, in the last few months a community has formed around the game.
This has been trying to create a map of the galaxy for a long time and has now reached the first milestone.

No Man’s Sky is gigantic

The procedurally generated universe has an almost infinite number of planets and systems that can be explored by the players.

And on the planet are once again diverse raw materials, plants, and creatures, which must be scanned.

Since it is almost impossible to create a map of the game world. Or maybe not?

The project “Galactic Hub” consists of some players of No Man’s Sky, who have made the task to create such a map of the game.

Already since the release, they are working on the realization of this project. But only since Hello Games, the developer studio behind No Man’s Sky, reported in January 2017 on Twitter of the project, the members rose rapidly.

In the meantime, more than 80 people are working on mapping the game world. And they have now reached the first milestone. After two months of hard work, they recorded a complete sector of No Man’s Sky in a map.

Considering the size of the individual areas, this is an enormous achievement in the short time. In the sector alone there are 60 star systems and more than 200 planets.

Currently, more and more players are gathering in the sector to participate in the expansion and collection of data. So the biggest creature ever found in the game.

A T-Rex-like alien dinosaur, which is about 8.43 meters tall. It is not yet clear which goals the project will consider next and whether they will ever finish their work.

But surely more fans of No Man’s Sky want to participate in it.