The online Xbox 360 and Xbox One happens to be free for all until May 21

To access all the benefits offered by the online Xbox 360 and Xbox One is necessary to have a monthly subscription to Xbox Live Gold, which is the only way to access the multiplayer of your current console.

Xbox Live Gold

The good news is that today and until next May 21 will remove that barrier, as Microsoft has announced that all online features will become free during those days.

This will allow users to fiddle with other people in games like Battlefield 1, score goals in Rocket League or compete in full-speed races in Forza Horizon 3, among many other examples.

Also, this is not the only advantage we can find in this promotion. Users will be able to download the Xbox One edition of Minecraft for free and play it until May 21.

So, you already have a very complete and entertaining plan for this weekend.