Overwatch announces its anniversary plans: new content, a free weekend and the Legendary Edition is announced

Continuing with the roadmap drawn at the beginning of the year, ‘Overwatch‘ will celebrate the second anniversary since its launch in style by adding content, events and even a new map from May 22. But the best thing is that during the celebration everyone can join Tracer and company.

From the outset, between May 25 and 29, you can enjoy ‘Overwatch‘ and the anniversary event totally free on PC and consoles. In fact, having PS Plus on PS4 will not be required to participate in this free weekend, although having Xbox Live Gold will not be optional for Xbox players.

In addition, if we like the proposal we can get a copy of the game or bet on the ‘ Overwatch: Legendary Edition ‘, which will be available from May 22 in digital. The news? A selection of 15 aspects between legendary, epic and original.

Speaking of aspects and cosmetic content, throughout these days will return the commemorative boxes with cosmetic items from previous seasons, but there will also be new features: more than 50 new cosmetic objects, including eight legendary and three epic aspects.

And beware, just by entering the game we will receive a very special booty box with a legendary guaranteed item.

Of course, there will also be new playable proposals. To begin the brawls of past seasons return to the Arcade through a system of daily rotation, which includes those of Overwatch Files. And as a great novelty, we will see a new map of Deathmatch, Petra.

Moreover, the Deathmatch itself will now be more interesting, since together with Petra you can participate in a competitive mode, with positioning games, categories by skill index and, of course, classifications.

‘Overwatch’ continues to add content at a great pace and if last month was held Account Adjustment, its new PvE event, this month the Rialto map has been released… Of course, its most outstanding novelty will not be found in a box of loot: this month Mercy has released a new aspect whose benefits will go to the fight against cancer. Definitely, Blizzard is doing things very well.