Diablo 3: Now you can play the remake of the first part

Since yesterday Patch 2.4.3 is on the American Diablo 3 servers online and is now available in even the European players available.

In addition to the ninth season, which will start 06 January 2017 on Friday brings the patch above all, the long-awaited remake of the original Diablo.

The Event  The Darkening of Tristram Blizzard celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Diablo series.

For the event, the developers have the game of 1996 in Diablo 3 reconstructed and hit him with some graphic changes a nostalgic painting.

So your character can rotate only in 45 ° intervals, and the interface is based also on the classic look. In addition, the entire screen is immersed in a pixel look.

So you start the Diablo remake

To play the event itself, release yourself in the first act of the game in the area  The Old ruins north of New Tristram.

In addition to a well in the center of the area, you can find a blue portal that leads you directly into the retro event.

However, you should you hurry, because the event takes place only in January. Blizzard, however, has already announced the event to repeat every year.

In addition to the remake of the original and some new items of the patch also provides 64-bit support for PCs and 4K resolution for PlayStation 4 Pro Player.

What changes the patch else brings, you read in the official patch notes.

To mark the anniversary Blizzard also released a video where the developers talk about their memories of Diablo.