Soon you can play Street Fighter in augmented reality, thanks to ARKit

Have you ever imagined what Street Fighter would look like in the real world? Well, apparently this thought will soon become reality because characters like Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, and Honda can fight in the living room of your house.

According to Cult of Mac, the Street Fighter II game from Camcom will hit iOS devices thanks to augmented reality and ARKit.

Through a video posted on the YouTube channel Abhishek Singh, we can see what the title would look like in augmented reality, which would allow us to face Ryu with Chun-Li in the street of our neighborhood or in the living room of the house.

As it appears in the video, the developer has been able to create a mobile version of the game, where we can enjoy multiplayer battles, that although they look slow, they have very good graphics and good interaction with the real world.

In addition, we see how players can move freely to have different perspectives on the battle in 3D.

At the moment it is not clear when this interesting game will come to market, so we will have to wait to play Street Fighter in augmented reality.

Source / AppleSfera