PlayStation 5 Pro, is Sony already thinking about it? In the patent it has two GPUs


PlayStation 5, which has been released three weeks, is still a mirage for many users. This week it is back available for a short time in some online stores, and we have discovered that some units are equipped with different and quieter fans: but being able to complete the procedure remains an impossible task, or almost.

Yet we can already begin to speculate on the PlayStation 5 Pro – although perhaps, given the generous size of the new Sony console, the real expectation is more for a Slim model.

However, a review filed by Sony in 2019 has emerged that describes a system equipped with two GPUs, capable of working in parallel: and one would be dedicated to managing the HDM I output. Surely it is too early to talk about PS5 Pro, at least from our point of view as consumers.

But not from Sony’s: large multinationals obviously plan their moves well in advance, and certainly there is already a well-defined plan for PlayStation.

The concept of “mid-gen console” has been fully embraced by the Japanese giant already with PlayStation 4 Pro and seems destined to characterize the new generation as well. But we probably won’t hear about it for quite a while.